2014 OMER Award – Ashford School

Team #: 42147 Primary- The Worlds First Art Festival
Nomination for: Long Term problem – Team award
Nominate made by: Judging team

Reason for Nomination:

Upon arrival for long-term problem the team realized that their bad of props which included backdrop, costumes, props, and all paperwork was missing from the prop area. All members of this school’s team (children, coaches, parents) maintained a positive attitude, and described some of the things that they were missing. The sportsmanship displayed was remarkable! We truly appreciated the fact that the team and coach remained cohesive and a strong community. They depicted a team with a growth mindset – never looking at the situation as a deficit, but a challenge to overcome. Before the start of the performance the coach spoke with the kids and parents calmly and with good spirits.

The kids handled the situation with kindness, humor, imagination, and creativity. They improvised and helped and supported each other. True examples of a team thriving.

OMER approved and awarded.