2016 OMER Award – Lilly M from McKinley Elementary School

Team #: 5492 Div I – Stack Attack
Individual award

Nominated by: Aili Arisco

Reason for Nomination:

At 7 AM on competition day, a young lady and team member of McKinley Elementary School arrived at the spontaneous check in. Lilly’s mom came to volunteer and Lilly came along with her. From the time Lilly arrived, she selflessly took the initiative to help the other volunteers, welcome teams and became a huge asset to the success of the Odyssey Tournament. She cheerfully and without complaint, despite the early hour, jumped in to help out. Lilly demonstrated the real spirit of Odyssey – to support the team effort and always keep a positive attitude. I commend her outstanding team work and nominate her for an OMER. – Aili Arisco

OMER approved and awarded.