2017 OMER Award Winners

Stamford Public Education Foundation Team A, Division I
Stamford, CT, Membership # 37990
Problem 1: Catch Us If You Can!

Recommended by the judging team

“Shortly before the team’s performance, one the team members became sick and had to go home early. Not only did the team present their long term solution down a team member, they also had to rewrite most of their script at the last minute. Their sick team mate had an integral character in their performance and had a major part in writing their script. The team also had to think on their feet to modify their parking garage right before their performance. This team displayed perseverance when faced with these additional, very difficult “spontaneous” problems right before competing. The Problem 1, Division 1 judging team finds them worthy of  an OMER award for astounding teamwork”.

King Street School A, Division I,
Danbury, CT, Membership # 45200
Problem 4: Ready, Set, Balsa, Build!

Recommended by judging team:

“During this Division I team’s performance, one team member was understandably nervous and had trouble delivering her lines.  The team displayed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork in carrying on with their performance and making sure that every member was supported and included.  The judges were impressed by the cohesiveness and perseverance of the team.  This team embodied the spirit of OM by demonstrating that every member of the team was important and valued.”

Leslie Ilaw
Stamford, CT

Nominated by Kim Kempton

“I’d like to nominate Leslie Ilaw, the former Stamford program director for Odyssey of the Mind.  Leslie has shepherded the program for almost 10 years, long after her children were out of the program (and college).  While she recently retired, she continues to support the program by planning and coordinating our monthly spontaneous scrimmages and recruiting volunteers for the state tournament.  Leslie has been a tireless volunteer and leader, keeping a STEM based program operating across the district, well before its benefits were widely marketed.  She has solidified corporate relationships and ensured that every student who has interest in the program has an opportunity to participate.”