2019 Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award

Ranatra Fusca Award: Team Nomination
Problem 1, Omer to the Rescue, Again, Division II
Middlebrook School #45710
Wilton, CT

Reason for Nomination: The team is nominated for their original and artistic use of recyclable items in all of their major props.

The team showed exceptional creativity in unique ways of using a variety of recyclable items that individually, were common disposables but collectively became expanses of scenery in their performance. The team effectively blended small items, such as the tops of toddler food pouches, and large items, such as milk cartons, to create eye-catching pieces of scenery that were far more than the sum of the original parts. The results were distinctive, effective and colorful additions that enhanced, but did not overwhelm, the cohesive presentation of their solution.

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