2022 Tournament COVID-19 Safety Procedures 

March 12, 2022

We are so fortunate to be able to hold an in-person tournament this year! Here is a summary of the most important SCSU COVID-19 guidelines that apply to everyone present on March 19th.

  • Everyone must self-monitor and stay home if symptomatic.
  • Masks covering mouth and nose must be worn, including by teams when performing.
  • Social distancing of 3 feet must be maintained in hallways and seating (except for families). There will be room to distance on our performance stages and spaces.
  • No eating or drinking in buildings.
  • Everyone must show a vaccination record showing full vaccination or a copy of a negative test result within 48 hours of tournament.
  • Each team member is restricted to inviting only two spectators.
  • Wristband required to enter performance spaces.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are your rules so strict when so many mandates are being lifted?

A: We are obligated to follow the rules of our host state university. These are the rules of SCSU as of March 12, 2022, and we do not anticipate any changes prior to tournament. We have heard from many of you who hold various opinions about the rules, but the rules are not negotiable. We must abide by the university’s requirements, and they will be strictly enforced.

Q: What is full vaccination status?

A: Full vaccination means two weeks past the second dose of a two-shot Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or two weeks past a single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Booster shots are not required.

Q: What negative test results are accepted?

A:  Home test results are not accepted. All attendees must provide evidence of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test administered by a medical professional within 48 hours of tournament (Thursday, March 17th or later).

Q: Are digital records accepted?

A: Yes, both paper and digital records are accepted.

Q: What if someone had COVID-19, is no longer contagious, and per CDC guidelines testing may be positive within 90 days of competition?

A: If the person is vaccinated and not showing symptoms, they can show their vaccine card. If not vaccinated and not showing symptoms, a doctor’s note will be accepted explaining that the person had COVID-19 within 90 days of the competition. The person also should not have observed symptoms within 5 days of the competition.

Q: If I am a parent who is the team volunteer, do I still count as one of two spectators per team member? What about siblings?

A: Yes, you do count. Each student can invite only two spectators. And yes, siblings also count as spectators.

Q: If a coach knows that a student is inviting fewer than 2 spectators, can any “extra” spots can be given to other students to invite more than two guests?

A:  Yes, this is allowable. If a team is six members, for example, we expect to see no more than 12 people in the audience (excluding coaches).

Q: How are coaches counted?

A: Coaches and co-coaches are not part of the 2- spectator restriction.

Q: Where do I check in and get a wristband?

A: The answer depends on who you are:

Teams and coaches: Check in with CTOM personnel at your first performance location of the day, either at your long-term problem or at the spontaneous site, whichever is scheduled first. The coach, any co-coaches, and all team members must be present and must provide copies of the team members’ COVID-19 paperwork, as well as the paperwork and IDs for all coaches. Gather this in advance and fill out the summary sheet provided to you in earlier communications. Wristbands will be issued to coaches and students, and these will be necessary to enter any performance space.

 Audience: Check in at an Audience Check in table in the lobby or hallways near the performance site. There is one table at Pelz Gym and three in Engleman Hall:  1) main entrance door left of outside large metal sculpture on Main Lot;  2) rotunda lobby off the academic quadrangle;  3) lower level near room C010 for problem 4. Have your paperwork and ID ready so lines move quickly. Step away once given your wristband. Please note team members check in with their coach, not with their parents. There may be lines, so check in immediately upon arrival on campus.

Judges and other volunteers:  Proceed directly to your assignment site and CTOM personnel will check you in there and issue a wristband. Bypass the Audience Check In table. An N95 mask will be available to you at your assignment site, if you desire one.

Q: Who needs an ID?

A: Adults need an ID that matches their COVID-19 vaccination card or negative test result. Children do not need to show any ID.

Q: How many coaches can enter the Spontaneous competition area on the second floor of Engleman Hall?

A: Two coaches can accompany the team to Spontaneous. Remember, no spectators are allowed at the Spontaneous competition site.

Q: Can I watch other teams perform or just my child’s team?

A: This year you can only watch your child’s team perform. When the team is done performing, please exit the performance space and the building.

Q: Where do I wait when not watching a performance?

A: We encourage parents and all spectators to wait outdoors as much as possible. Also, coaches can pre-arrange outdoor meeting spots with their team families. The goal is to keep hallways and lobbies as uncrowded as possible. There are no open classrooms or lounges.  Fortunately, weather looks favorable for tournament day!

Q: Can we eat on campus?

A: Tournament is only a half day this year, but if you are bringing snacks, drinks, or lunch, they must be eaten outside. There is no eating or drinking in the buildings. There is no food or drink available for purchase.

Q: Do we leave when we are done with the long-term and spontaneous competitions?

A: Yes. Plan to view the Awards Ceremony later that day when it is posted on our website. There are no other on-campus activities to attend. Plan to leave immediately when done competing.

Email AssnDir@ctom.org with any unanswered questions!


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