Chaperone Policy

Chaperones Required at All CTOM Events

CTOM requires that all minors participating in CTOM Events be accompanied at all times by Chaperones, Parents or Guardians.

Applicable Events

This policy applies to all CTOM events, including, but not limited to Tournaments, Scrimmages, and Introductions.

Applicable Individuals

Minors are individuals under the age of 18. This applies to all minors at CTOM events in any capacity, including, but not limited to Team Members, Visitors/Guests/Observers, and volunteers.

At Least One Chaperone Per Team, and Per 10 Minors

CTOM requires at least one (1) Chaperone per ten (10) minors including at least one (1) Chaperone per Team. This can be the team’s Coach. However, if an individual coaches more than one team, then at least one (1) additional Chaperone is required for each additional team. CTOM and event facilities’ rules require at least one (1) Chaperone, Parent, or Guardian for each ten (10) individuals.


Coaches are responsible to make sure their teams are adequately chaperoned according to this policy. Coaches are responsible to inform team parents and other supporters that all minors must be chaperoned, and that it is the responsibility of the parent or supporter to insure that they arrange for adequate chaperones, parents or guardians at CTOM events.

This policy will be posted on the CTOM web site and publicized to coaches.

Approved: January 25, 2003

Last Revised: January 25, 2003

Source: Connecticut Odyssey of the Mind Policy Guide