2018 State Tournament

Page last updated 09/09/2017

This page will be updated right up to competition start.

2018 State Tournament:   Saturday, March 17, 2018


Southern Connecticut State University – See problem specific information pages below for specific parking and Prop drop points.

Program information:

Welcome to the 37th Annual Connecticut Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament! Our hosts are the administration, faculty and staff of Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU).

The CTOM Board of Directors, problem captains and judging teams are excited to have the chance to witness the results of what you have created, brainstormed, practiced, tested, designed and redesigned, built and rebuilt!

This web page has all the information you need to plan your tournament day.  Please share this information with any parents and friends who will be attending the tournament.


  • CTOM Tournament Program
  • Information Desk
  • Schedules, site locations and registration procedures
  • Campus map and prop drop-off locations
  • All Policies, including Chaperone,  Judges, Tribunal, Conduct and Trademark Usage
  • Photo Bomb CTOM!
  • Free admission for parents, friends and guests!
  • CTOM Marketplace – What’s for sale?
  • Donations to CTOM, a certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
  • Food and Fun
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Getting your scores
  • Scoring Room – why it takes so long to start closing ceremonies
  • Paperwork
  • New England weather
  • World Finals coach meeting
  • Comments – what went right and what can we improve upon

CTOM Tournament Program

Our 2017 CTOM Tournament Program can be found here. [To be updated with the 2018 Program in March 2018]

Information Desk:

Engleman Hall, 7: 00 a.m. –  3:30 p.m.
Adanti Student Center, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Note: team check-in will be at individual competition locations.


The 2017 Competition Schedule, including starting times for long-term and spontaneous performances can be found here [2018 Schedule will be published in March] Please plan on being on campus at least one half hour before your earliest time.

Long-Term Problem Locations

Note: Team check-in will be at each competition location.  Only coaches may check-in their teams.

See the 2017 Competition Map for Competition Sites and Prop-drop Locations: [2018 Map and Competition Locations will be published in March]

Problem  Competition Location
 Problem 1: Triathlon Travels TBD
Problem 2: Emoji, Speak for Yourself  TBD
Problem 3: Classics… Mockumentary! Seriously? TBD
Problem 4: Animal House TBD
Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout TBD
Primary: We’re Cooking Now  TBD

Prop-drop Locations:

Prop drop signs are NYC-styled subway signs:

Check your number and sign color here:

Problem  Sign Color
Problem 1: Triathlon Travels
Problem 2: Emoji, Speak for Yourself 
Problem 3: Classics… Mockumentary! Seriously?
Problem 4: Animal House
Problem 5: A Stellar Hangout
Primary: We’re Cooking Now

Spontaneous Competition Site and Check-in Procedure

Location: Engleman Hall

Follow signs to the Spontaneous check in area on the second floor.  Please note, only teams and coaches permitted.

  • Sign in at the Spontaneous registration desk (Follow signs). Teams will then be directed to the holding room.
  • Once the team is escorted to the competition room, the coach will wait for the team’s return in the debriefing room.

We are collecting pictures for our annual CTOM slide show, so strike a pose, show off your creative powers, and make our teams laugh! We collect pictures during the year and during competition day. If you would like to have your team included, please send photos of your team in action to photos@ctom.org. We will accept photos until 2:00 p.m. on competition day. More information and legal terms can be found on the Photo-Bomb page!

Paper Work

Check the Program Guide and your long term problem – bring the required number of copies of the following for your problem. Check the special problem instructions for any additional requirements from your Problem Captain. Be sure to keep extra copies of your paperwork in case your team goes to Worlds! Here are the forms needed:

  • Style forms – All style forms have the same format and scoring structure (4 style elements and 1 overall style element).  Each problem has different style elements scored. Usually 2 selected for you in the long term problem and 2 free choice of the team. Refer to your long term problem scoring section and program guide for additional details.
  • Cost Forms – All cost forms have the same format but may have different amounts allocated depending on the problem. Refer to your long term problem and program guide for additional details.
  • Additional paperwork – Some long term problems require additional paperwork – check your problem for details
  • Clarifications – Any clarification that is relevant for your team’s problem
  • Outside Assistance Form
  • Note:  Hold on to copies of all of these forms, for possible use at world finals!

Special Problem Instructions: 

If necessary, each problem captain will provide special instructions specific to each problem. Refer to your problem page here:

Directions and Parking

  • Address: Specific parking locations will be supplied based on the problem your team is assigned. See the problem page specific locations.  Parking Map can be found here.
  • Parking Lot GPS Addresses:
    Wintergreen Garage – 23 Wintergreen Avenue
    Fitch Street Garage – 525 Fitch Street
    Main Lot – 377 Fitch Street
    Lot 10 – 320 Fitch Street
    Lots 12B, 12 and 5 – 501 Crescent Street
  • Parking: Parking is free. Park in only designated parking lots, garages and spaces. Do not park in any spaces reserved for Southern personnel, on any grassy areas, on the athletic fields or drive on campus paths.  Handicapped parking is available at all locations on campus. Please try to carpool as parking will be limited. Factor in 15 minutes to walk from parking to buildings in planning your arrival time.
  • Watch for directional signs outside the buildings.
    • REMINDER – do not park or leave your car unattended at the drop off sites. It will be towed.
  • When dropping off props the driver must not leave the vehicle even to assist in moving props indoors.   
  • After dropping off props all cars should be moved to an approved parking space.
  • Police will ticket violators.

Getting Your Scores

Every effort is made to keep the day’s schedule moving and on time.  Coaches: your team’s scores can be picked up at your performance site, if you provided a judge or paid the no-judge fee.  Each performance area will post team names and membership numbers when scores are ready.  At this point, you can meet with the Head Judge to receive your scores and performance comments.  If you do not retrieve your scores, they will be available upon request. All scores will be posted at ctom.org on Sunday.

Participation Certificate

A participation certificate identifying this year’s problems and pins and acknowledging the efforts and creativity of your team members can be printed here.  [To be updated in March] Please note, in our efforts towards a “paperless” registration experience, we will not be providing hard copies of these certificates on the day of the tournament.

CTOM Policies

Review the CTOM Policy Guide and discuss with your teams.
Review the CTOM Registration and Payment Policy
Questions should be referred to our Association Director.

Free Admission

Please bring your family, friends, teachers and your school administrators to cheer on your team.  We welcome any and all donations to help defray the cost.  Donations will be accepted at the CTOM Marketplace, or can be made at ctom.org using the donation button.  Thank you!

The CTOM Marketplace

  • Student Lounge – Engleman Hall,  7:30 – 3:00
  • Lyman Lobby, 4:00 – 5:15 at the Closing Ceremonies 

CTOM 2018 Commemorative Tournament Tee shirts – Price TBD
CTOM 2018 State Tournament Pin Set – Price TBD
CTOM 2018 State Tournament Pin – Price TBD
CTOM 2018 World Final Pin -Price TBD
CTOM Tee shirts – Price TBD
CTOM Tote Bag – Price TBD
CTOM Lanyard Price TBD

Payment for Merchandise and Donations
We will happily take cash, credit cards or personal checks made out to CTOM, Inc.

Drawing for the annual World Finals Pin Towel

Tickets for our annual pin towel raffle can be claimed by team members at the CTOM Marketplace.   Please fill out your name and phone number and place in the bucket at the merchandise table.  The drawing will be held at the closing ceremonies

Food, Food, Food

Dunkin’ Donuts – Adanti Student Center, 7:00 a.m.   -2:30 p.m.
Food Court – Adanti Student Center, 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Menu details to be published in March.  Cash payment preferred

Advance tickets for food  can be purchased in Adanti, and Student Lounge – Engleman Hall to help minimize lines in the Food Court.

Scoring Room

At the end of the day, we need time for the last teams to pick up their scores and meet with the Head Judge or Problem Captain. We double check the scores for errors. We take this part of our job very seriously and have a dedicated team which works hard to make sure that the results are correct.  Thank you in advance for your patience awaiting the start of our closing ceremonies.

Closing Ceremonies

Entertainment:   4:30 – 5:15
Award Ceremony: 5:15  –  6:00

  • Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams for each problem/division.
  • The Jill Riggles Award for Excellence in Spontaneous will be awarded to the teams in each problem/division earning the highest score in the spontaneous portion of the tournament.
  • Any Omer and Ranatra Fusca Awards will be given out after the team medals.

Reminder:   No food or drink will be allowed in closing ceremonies venue.  Ushers will ask you to finish your food/beverage prior to entering the closing ceremonies.

World Finals

Iowa State University, May 23 – 26, 2018

Information can be found here.

World Finals Eligibility

  • 1st and 2nd place award-winning teams for each Problem/Division receive invitations to World Finals
  • Long-term and individual Ranatra Fusca award recipients also receive invitations to World Finals
  • Should a 1st or 2nd place team elect not to attend World Finals, the spot will be offered to the next available team.  All 3rd and 4th place teams should hold on to their props and costumes.

World Finals Meeting

There will be a mandatory planning meeting for coaches of teams selected to go to World Finals following the competition.  Details are available here.

New England Weather

In case of inclement weather, a message will be posted here and also on FaceBook with any changes to our schedule.


We welcome your comments on your team’s experience at tournament and at all of our training activities. Please let us know what went right as well as what went wrong and your suggestions on how to improve our program.  A survey will be sent to all coaches after tournament.

Thanks to each of you for participating in this incredible program! Enjoy your day at the 37th Annual Connecticut State Finals.

Dave Schaller, President and Association Director

Phone: 500-CTOM  – AreaCode: 570