Coach Training

Coaching can be complicated for both new and experienced coaches. Our free coach training will help ensure that your team has a rich, successful, and fun experience. Each coach will learn techniques for teaching and guiding the team without breaking the outside assistance rules. You will also will learn who to contact when you have questions either locally or with the OM International organization. In addition, we will help coaches understand what to expect at the competition.  

CTOM offers training sessions in October and January. All coaches are encouraged to attend at least one, if not both, of them. Our sessions focus mostly on small-group training. As opposed to a large lecture-style Odyssey overview, most of the day will be spent in breakout sessions. You will have the opportunity to select which sessions you will attend, allowing you to customize your training and develop the skills that you feel you need.

Regardless of the training session that you attend, you will have the opportunity to meet with your problem captain and assistant problem captain. Please note that time with the PC/APC will not include a review of this year’s problem and is instead intended for you to debrief about training, discuss logistics of tournament day, etc.

If you are an experienced coach, we hope that you will attend! Not only will your participation enrich the training experience for the newer coaches, but we also feel that this training method will help you learn skills that can make your team(s) even more successful!


Last updated: 11/29/2019