Directions & Parking

Directions and Parking

    • Assigned Parking: Specific parking locations are assigned for each long-term problem (link)
    • Parking Lot GPS Addresses:
      Wintergreen Garage – 23 Wintergreen Avenue
      Fitch Street Garage and Lot 1 – 525 Fitch Street
      Main Lot – 377 Fitch Street
      Lot 10 – 324 Fitch Street
      Lots 12B, 12 and 5 – 501 Crescent Street
      Adanti front lot, corner Fitch & Crescent Streets, 345 Fitch Street
    • Parking: Parking is free. Park in only designated parking lots, garages and spaces. Do not park in any spaces reserved for SCSU personnel, on any grassy areas, on the athletic fields or drive on campus paths.  Handicapped parking is available at all locations on campus. Please try to carpool as parking will be limited. Factor in 15 minutes to walk from parking to buildings in planning your arrival time.