Steps to Register a team

3 steps to register a team for Competition:

Obtain a CCI membership number

Work with your local organization (school, youth group, etc) to REGISTER for a CCI membership (National level). Is is NOT usual for coaches or teams to pay for a CCI Membership.  Your local organization (ie. school, youth group, church, etc) usually pays for this membership. 

Odyssey of the Mind is administered by Creative Competitions Inc. (CCI). This registration gives schools/organizations access to the 5 long term problems, one non-competitive primary problem, an Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide as well as the opportunity to enter official competitions. Cost is $135.00 for membership registration for your organization and it entitles you to field one team per problem, per division (total of 15 teams) If your organization has multiple teams, within the same division, competing in the same problem, you will need additional memberships. Paid membership with CCI yields a national registration number which is required for CTOM membership and to compete at tournament. Your local organization (school, youth group, church, etc) usually pays for this membership. Odyssey of the Mind registration form can be used to register your organization or contact CCI at 856-256-2797.

Register for CTOM events or tournament

REGISTER with Connecticut Odyssey of the Mind (CTOM) – Competition day. It is common that coaches and/or teams pay for this registration but some schools or organization may also cover this cost. To proceed with this step you must have a membership number from STEP 1.

This step allows teams to compete at the Connecticut State Finals Tournament.

READ the Payment policy

Each team must provide a Judge and Volunteer. Register your Volunteer or Judge now or direct him/her to the judge or volunteer registration link under the register menu link. Be sure to provide your Judge and Volunteer with your membership number, team division, and problem number your team is performing.

To register your team go to the CTOM Registration page and find the tournament information page – Don’t forget Step 3 below!

Questions? Contact the Association Director

Review other CTOM events

There are other events that are helpful and sometimes required to ensure your team is successful. Please see the CTOM Events page to view the other events.