Getting Your Scores

Paperless Score Sharing!

Raw scores will be sent to coaches via email as soon as they are ready.  In addition, we invite all coaches to return to the performance site to meet with their Head Judge to discuss their scores. (This is optional, not mandatory.)

What to expect:

  • Sticky Notes handed to the coach before the team leaves the site.
  • A PDF of the score sheet emailed to coaches using the email address used for the team registration.
  • No scores will be available until after the first break at each site.

Alternative options:

  • Paper copies can be retrieved in the central scoring room: Engleman Hall Room B111
  • Paper copies will not be available at individual performance sites.

Feedback process:

  • Grow your knowledge of Odyssey by reviewing your results with the Head Judge at your site. You will both have an electronic copy to review together.
  • For ease of discussion, a larger screen (tablet or laptop) may be preferable, but a phone screen may also be used.
  • Note: there is no guest WiFi available at SCSU. You will need a cellular connection to receive email.

Reminder:  Scores are only available to teams which provided a judge or paid the no-judge fee. 

All scores will be posted at as soon as they are ready following the Awards Ceremonies.

Competition Scoring:

The team that earns the highest raw score in its division and long-term problem is awarded the maximum score. All other teams receive a percentaged score based on the maximum raw score. The same percentage-based scoring applies to the spontaneous problem competition and Style. The total combined long-term, Style, and spontaneous percentaged scores (with penalties deducted) determine the winners in each problem within each division. 

Scoring Spontaneous: In competition, the spontaneous problem is worth up to 100 points. The team with the highest raw score in each problem receives 100; every other team receives a percentage of 100 based on its raw score. Spontaneous scores are the decision of the judges in the room.

Only long-term raw scores and averaged Style scores are given to teams; individual long-term, style and spontaneous raw scores are not provided to the teams.

Adapted from the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide

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