Problem 1 Special Information

This page is for Problem 1 teams only
Triathlon Travels
Special instructions below:

Special Clarifications from coach training:

B. Limitations.

B.7.d – Operating the Vehicle.

The use of foot power in the form of a team member putting their feet on the floor to propel the vehicle (as in ‘Fred Flintstone’) is prohibited.

The use of hand power in the form of a team member putting their hands on the floor to propel the vehicle is prohibited.

  B.8.a.4 – The Ball.

Nothing may help propel, guide or stop the ball after it crosses the line. The includes anything inside the ball, even if the internal components operate without team intervention.

  B.8.b.2 – Targets.

The five green targets and the four white targets must be uniform in size, shape, height, weight, weight distribution, etc.
(See General Clarification 1).

  B.8.c.5 – Finish Line.

Contrary to the generally accepted measure of ‘breaking the plane’, the vehicle must completely cross the finish line before it starts the return trip in reverse.

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