Problem 1 Special Information

This page is for Problem 1 teams only
Catch Us If You Can
Special instructions below:

1. Prop Drop, General parking, Parking Instructions – All Divisions:

a. Prop Drop: The driveway on the north side of Pelz Gym (4 on the campus map). This is the driveway between Pelz Gym and the Fitch Street garage – 525 Fitch Street New Haven CT (#4 on the campus map).  Click HERE for Google Map location for prop drop and pickup.

b. Weather permitting, teams will unload their props to the sidewalk. The vehicle used to transport the props must then be moved immediately to the parking garage or lot.

c. If we encounter increment weather, teams will unload props and bring them directly into the building entrance.

d. An adult must remain at all times with the vehicle used to transport the props.

2. Problem – B.6: The three vehicles:

a. If the team’s vehicles have wheels, the wheels must not be made of any type of metal or steel. Experience has proven that the end result of using these types of wheels is damage to the floor.

3. Problem – H.1 – H.2 – Forms: Teams must have all forms ready to present to the Staging Area judge when so requested. The forms, in legible condition, include:

a. Three copies of the Style Form.

b. Three copies of the Team’s Required List (B.14).

c. One Outside Assistance Form.

d. One Cost Form.

e. Any Team-Specific clarifications.

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the State Tournament Information page! Please read.

CHECK BACK: Keep an eye on this page up until the day before competition- it will be update with any important communications for your team related to problem 1.