Problem 2 Special Information

This page is for Problem 2 teams only
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Last updated 3/9/2018
Special instructions below:


Please make sure you have checked the public clarifications:

Details on how to submit a private clarification can be found here:

Note:  I will get a copy of any submitted private clarifications and the response.

As always, make sure your team reads the problem carefully!  Problem 2 always has more unexpected fails than any other problem.  Teams think they performed a task correctly, but get no credit because they missed something in the given rules.

When we have an official problem site at SCSU, I will post information on how large the performance space will be.  I expect it will be much larger than the stated 10’ by 15’ minimum, but keep in mind that you may only get that much space at World Finals.

Good luck!

John Scheuermann, problem captain

Updated 3/9/2018

Special parking instructions:  This year parking for each problem has mandatory locations.  The parking instructions will ensure that traffic is minimized and you have a smooth prop-drop experience . In addition please notify any team spectators of the correct parking locations.

Prop drop – Main Lot (GPS 377 Fitch St.)
Audience entrance – from Academic Quad, into main Engleman Rotunda lobby
Parking – Main Lot (GPS 377 Fitch St.); Lots 12 & Lot 12B (GPS 501 Crescent St.)

Here is a parking, drop-off summary sheet.
Here is a Campus map with key locations.

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the State Tournament Information page! Please read.

CHECK BACK: Keep an eye on this page up until the day before competition- it will be update with any important communications for your team related to problem 2.