Problem 3 Special Information

This page is for Problem 3 teams only
Classics… Leonardo’s Workshop
(last update 3/10/2019)
Special instructions below:

UPDATE: All  teams should bring 5 copies of the team list since there will be 5 problem judges.


Coaches please be careful about style choices.  The 3 LDV works are already being scored for appearance and how they are made so anything related to the appearance or how the LDV creations are made is already being scored and may not be used as a style choice.

A reminder about the clarifications…

  • General clarification number 1 makes it clear that whatever unconventional material is used, the recreation of an LDV work must be 2 dimensional.  This is the spirit of the problem for this scoring element.  Teams must attempt to make it 2D.  Any recreations that are not 2D may receive a spirit of the problem penalty.
  • General clarification 2 makes it clear that the LDV character MUST be LDV himself.  This character must be depicted as the actual historical person or the team may receive a spirit of the problem violation

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the Tournament Overview page! Please read.

CHECK BACK: Keep an eye on this page up until the day before competition- it will be update with any important communications for your team related to problem 3.