Problem 4 Special Information

This page is for Problem 4 teams only
Structure Toss
This page last updated: 3/10/2019

  • Problem 4’s performance space has been moved to Pelz Gymnasium, in the main gym.  The floor is not carpeted.
  • The Tournament Director will provide the Score Cross Bar; teams may not use their own.
  • Be sure to have plenty of copies of all required paperwork—see Section H.
  • NEW INFO: We ask that you adhere to your weigh-in time.  The Weigh-in site will be in the same location as the problem performances.  To respect the schedule and teams performing weigh-in times will be strictly enforced.

Weights will be provided as follows:

5 lbs x 5 = 25 lbs
10 lbs x 5 = 50 lbs
25 lbs x 8 = 200 lbs
35 lbs x 8 = 280 lbs
45 lbs x 8 = 360 lbs
Total = 915 lbs

Teams who reasonably expect to need additional weights should contact the Problem Captain before March 2.

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the Tournament Overview page! Please read.

CHECK BACK: Keep an eye on this page up until the day before competition- it will be update with any important communications for your team related to problem 4.