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Run a local Spontaneous Scrimmage

A Spontaneous Scrimmage is a great for your team to practice in an environment similar to competition day. To gather teams for a scrimmage contact Mimi to post your scrimmage or request to join a scrimmage on our FB site.  If you plan to run the scrimmage, contact Dave if you need guidance for the “how to” when running a scrimmage,

Links to other states that have Spontaneous problems:

Other related information:

  • Here is a great tool to get your team thinking…  Brain Tuner. We encourage you to work with your team before jumping to the answers. Your kids may even have a more creative response in which case you should suggest them to Rick and possibly win a big prize  🙂 If you have questions about any of the answers please contact Rick Kaletsky at (203)393-2323.
  • A must see TED talk to get the creative juices flowing.

The fine print

It is the responsibility of each coach to know the current rules that are applied during the spontaneous problem. The problems found on Spon Zone and on other external web pages may contain legacy instructions due to rule changes over the years.