SPONTANEOUS Change for ALL teams

When the team enters the Spontaneous Room the Judge will now say:  “This is a Verbal  (Hands-On or Verbal Hands-On) problem. The five team members who will compete please step over to the competition area (indicate area). The others must sit quietly in these seats (indicate seats) and watch or leave the room. They cannot participate in any way.” Please note: Teams NO LONGER have a minute to decide who will participate in the spontaneous and who will sit out.

Coaches – If you have a team member OR a team doing more than one problem, please contact the Association Director to ensure your team has no schedule conflicts.

Teams/Coaches/Judges: IPads, IPhones or anything similar to these devices will not be permitted in the spontaneous rooms. The primary reason is these devices have cameras and can also record. To ensure a fair competition these devices must be left with the coach.  Teams are also not allowed to use a stop watch, or a wrist watch as a stop watch. They MAY wear a watch, and refer to it. Remind teams that only the official time counts. A penalty may be assigned to the long term score if the team violates these rules.