Town Coordinator Responsibilities

Each town in Connecticut with participating teams, should have a volunteer Town Coordinator.


Register with Creative Competitions, Inc to obtain a school membership (details)

Create Teams:

Many teams come back year after year, but each year new teams form.  The Town Coordinator can encourage this by doing the following:

  • Schedule an information meeting for all interested parents, students and teachers. Helpful resources can be found here
  • Recruit new coaches
  • Facilitate the creation of new teams by pairing new coaches with students

Mentor Teams:

  • Ensure coaches are aware of important dates and tasks
  • Ensure each coach has a Program Guide and a copy of their long-term problem
  • Encourage coaches to attend Coaches’ Training
  • Encourage teams to participate in Odyssey Day
  • Coordinate skills workshops or spontaneous clinics (optional)
  • Provide mentoring/coaching to teams as necessary

Prepare for Competition:

Prepare for World Finals:

  • Mentor teams that qualify for World Finals with tips for fundraising, prop transportation, pin-trading and general logistics
  • Ensure that qualifying coaches attend the Word Finals coach information session


Other resources: