Volunteer Job Descriptions


CTOM Volunteer Job Descriptions for 2015

These are the general categories of volunteer duties at Tournament. More information will be found online at Volunteer Hub when volunteers self-select a job and shift. Volunteers will receive an email when Volunteer Hub is activated in early March.

  1. Prop-Drop Masters: You will be the first to see the nerves, jitters and enthusiasm of the teams! You will be directing teams, coaches and their helpers to the pre-staging or staging areas for their problem. Also, it will be important to help keep the area outside and inside the doors as free as possible for the transport of precious props and performers. Be sure to wish them luck!
  2. Door Monitors: You will make sure the doors to the performance areas are open in between performances and will invite visitors to enter and get seated for the next performance. Once the team is ready to be introduced, you will close the doors and then DO NOT ALLOW other guests into the room until the end of the performance. This ensures all teams are treated respectfully and that interruptions do not impact the performances. You might also check out the locations of the nearest restrooms as that will be a frequently asked question!
  3. Early morning Runners: The judging teams will greet you with open arms as you deliver coffee and goodies to the sites. Make sure you grab a cup of coffee first!
  4. Runners: You will be doing various errands to help the tournament go smoothly. Bring your running shoes!
  5. Substitutes: You will be filling in for other volunteers so that they may see a child’s performance or filling in any other coverage gaps that develop.
  6. CTOM Market Place: Put on your customer service hat and a smile. You will be assisting with the sales of valuable CTOM merchandise. Calculators will be provided.
  7. Greeters: Your outgoing and cheerful manner will help you direct people to various locations. You will wear a sign inviting people to ask you questions and will be armed with programs and maps to help guide people to their destinations. Be prepared for the weather as you may be posted outdoors.
  8. Spontaneous Runner/Greeter: You will be running and assisting with the workings of the spontaneous problems with jobs such as escorting and directing teams or assisting in the holding room or debriefing room. This is a good job for people comfortable with the enthusiasm and high energy of groups of children and nervous coaches. Confidentiality is very important here to ensure a fair competition.
  9. Setting Up For Closing Ceremony: You will assist in setting up the stage in the Lyman Auditorium toward the end of the day – blowing up of balloons, placement of awards and helping to test the PA system will help the ceremony to start on time.
  10. Clean-up: Thanks to you we will make sure we leave SCSU grounds and performance sites the same way (or better) than we found them. Garbage bags will be provided!
  11. Friday Night Set Up: NEW opportunity this year! Come to SCSU for a shift (approximately 4 – 7 pm, Friday, March 20th) to help CTOM personnel set up problem sites, registration tables, merchandise tables, etc. Light physical labor involved.

All volunteers: If your team will be performing during your scheduled shift, (and you want to watch and cheer them on) you will be allowed to leave your post, see your team perform, then come back and finish your time.  You will need to let the person you are working with know so that coverage can be obtained.

On Tournament day, you will check in at the Volunteer desk at Engleman Hall or at a specific problem site, depending upon your assignment. You will receive a volunteer lanyard to wear and then return it when your shift is over

Volunteers are an important part of the running of a successful tournament – without your hard work and sunny disposition, we could not put on a wonderful day for our students and their guests.  Our thanks again for being a volunteer for our 34th Annual Tournament.

More information will follow when our online registration system, Volunteer Hub, is activated approximately two weeks prior to Tournament.

Yolanda Preysner, CTOM Volunteer Coordinator:  ypreysner@ctom.org – 860-721-8854

Association Director, assndir@ctom.org