Anderson Award

Jon & Claudia Anderson CTOM Initiative Award

The Jon and Claudia Anderson CTOM Initiative Award was created to provide initial funding for membership in Odyssey of the Mind so that eligible new members can begin their exhilarating journey of creative and spontaneous problem solving with CTOM.  The CTOM Board of Directors will annually provide “start up” funds in the amount equal to:

  1. The membership fee in the national organization; and
  2. The CTOM registration fee for up to four teams associated with that membership to participate in the Connecticut program; and
  3. A stipend for the coordinator, in the amount of $125.00 per team, up to four, associated with the membership.

NOTE: Direct costs of the team in the creation of the solution to any problem or any other incidental costs will be the responsibility of the local entity sponsoring the team or the team itself.


Any local entity that is qualified to sponsor an Odyssey of the Mind team under the national rules of Odyssey of the Mind shall be eligible, as long as that entity has not had an active membership in the last three years.  With this award, the CTOM Board seeks to increase opportunities for children and youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds to engage in creative problem-solving activities. Priority in the selection process will be given to new memberships from urban, inner city or similarly underserved settings and all applications to assist students in need will be considered.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis between September 1st and December 15th.  Any Connecticut entity apply for this award must submit the following information:

  1. Submit a brief letter of interest to the Association Director which includes;
    • Verification that the team(s) will represent a new membership
    • The process through which the new membership and team(s) were formed
    • Any information you wish the selection committee to consider
  2. Provide a letter of support from the principal/director/head of the sponsoring organization which indicates willingness to encourage the new activity and identifies the name of a coordinator who will serve as the primary liaison between CTOM and the sponsoring organization.


A special committee of at least three members of the CTOM Board of Directors and the Association Director will review all applications and will select the recipient of the Jon and Claudia Anderson CTOM Initiative Award.  All applicants will be notified no later than January 10th.

Note:  While the Anderson Award is granted for a single year, an Anderson Award recipient is eligible to apply for a second year, according to the criteria outlined above.

Anderson Awards are limited by funds available in a given year.  Applications are considered in order of receipt. Our goal is that every child, regardless of need, who wishes to participate in Odyssey of the Mind in Connecticut is able to be part of an Odyssey team.

About Jon and Claudia Anderson

In 2001, after 18 + years of continuous and exemplary service to CTOM,  Jon and Claudia Anderson retired from their positions of Spontaneous Problem Captain and Assistant Spontaneous Problem Captain respectively. Jon also resigned from the Board of Directors.  In recognition of and with deep appreciation for their outstanding and loyal service, the CTOM Board of Directors created this award in their honor. Donations to CTOM, Inc., a 501(c ) (3) non-profit organization, are accepted at any time and can be directed towards this award. To make a donation, please contact our CTOM Association Director.