Starting Odyssey at your School

CTOM Introduction Session

A PowerPoint presentation is available for Parents, Coaches, Coordinators or anyone else who might be interested in learning more about Odyssey of the Mind. Please click here to download the presentation.

Help is available

If you would like help from Connecticut Odyssey of the Mind (CTOM) to start this program at your school or organization please contact our Association Director.

Forming a team

Odyssey Teams include 5-7 students under the guidance of 1-2 adult coaches.

Primary- K- Grade 2
Division I – Grades 3-5
Division II – Grades 6-8
Division III – Grades 9-12

Students can be in different divisions with the competition division being determined by the grade of the eldest student on the team. Each team must be sponsored by a pre-existing community organization, usually this is a school but other membership organizations have included libraries, church groups, park and recreation programs, theater arts programs, Boys and Girls clubs among other community groups. The community organization cannot be formed specifically for Odyssey of the Mind.

Teams can be formed in many ways, coaches can recruit team members, schools can hold meetings for interested students and parents, have tryouts or group students according to interest.

Usually, more students want to participate in Odyssey than we have volunteer coaches, which limits the opportunities. Coaching is a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children and CTOM provides Coach Training and other resources to assist new coaches with the process. CONSIDER being a coach! It’s not only fun but it’s an enlightening experience to watch the creative process in action!

CTOM Policy Guide

Become familiar with the CTOM Policies.  It is recommended reading for all coaches.