Coach Training

Coach Training Information/Agendas
October 27, 2018 & Jan 12, 2019

Coaching can be complicated for both new and experienced coaches. Our free coach training will help ensure your team has a rich, successful and fun experience. Each coach will learn techniques for teaching and guiding the team without breaking the outside assistance rules. In addition, you will learn who to contact when you have questions either locally or with the OM International organization. Also, we will help coaches understand what to expect at the competition.​

This year we have something new for coaches! The target audience for the first training is novice coaches who not only want to learn about the program in general, but want to get a hands-on feeling for how to run a meeting and practice spontaneous with their teams. Novice coaches are any coaches who are new to the program or only have a year or two of experience coaching. This is also an opportunity for your assistant coaches or prospective coaches to find out more. Please see the curriculum for the October 27th training for more detail.​

​The second training will include a shortened version of the first training for those novice coaches who can’t make the first date. The second half of the training day will be more targeted towards the specific long term problems and getting ready for competition. ​

Attendance for all coaches is highly recommended – even as an experienced coach there is always something to learn, especially understanding how to guide and teach your team about style, long term problem time management and how to manage the execution of spontaneous problems. Your attendance also helps to enrich the training experience for the newer coaches. We are looking for experienced coaches to help with the team development workshop at the first training. Please let us know if you are interested and available. ​

Please select the Coach Training session below to register. You may attend both sessions if you wish.

Coach Training and
Team Development Workshop
October 27, 2018​

Check-in at 8:00 – 8:25 including coffee and Breakfast items ​
First Session begins at 8:30 and runs until 10:30. ​
Workshop begins at 10:45 and ends by 12:45​

LocationSouthern Connecticut State University
Building: Davis Hall (Note: new location, near Pelz Gym)
Parking: Fitch Street Garage, 525 Fitch Street, New Haven  MAP

Visit the register page to register for the Oct 27 Coach Training session

Training Schedule

Target Audience for Oct 27 Training​:

  • All new coaches ​
  • Coaches with only 1 or 2 years experience​
  • Returning coaches who want refresher are welcome​
  • Prospective coaches and assistant coaches wanting to learn more before committing ​

We will not go through problem details as in the past – this is causing problems with differences in understanding.  In addition, many issues have not been clarified this early in the process which leads to frustration from coaches who have studied it carefully and outside assistance for coaches who have not studied it.  ​

Coach Training and
Long Term Problem Review
January 12, 2019​

Check-in at 8:00-8:25
First Session begins at 8:30 and runs until 10:30
Problem Specific session begins at 10:45 and ends by 12:45​

LocationSouthern Connecticut State University
Building: Adanti Student Center
Parking: Wintergreen Garage, 23 Wintergreen Avenue, New Haven

Visit the register page to register for the Jan 12 Coach Training session

At this point, everyone should be well on their way in their problem​

Target Audience for Jan 12 training:

  • New coaches who couldn’t make it to the original workshop –  Modified shorter morning presentation​
  • All coaches tor review of problem (Spirit of the problem)

8:30 – 10:30 am  Novice Coach Training and Sample how to practice Spontaneous​

  • Everything you need to know to be successful at coaching a team.​
  • Important rules​
  • What Resources are available ​

10:30 – 12:30  – all coaches invited​

  • Goal – training to get the teams to the next level – State Competition and World Finals ready ​
  • Problem Review-Go over problem and any questions will be noted and direction to file a clarification provided​
  • Review of Competition procedures​
  • Program guide elements ​
  • Retrieval of scores at competition​
  • Behavior of teams, coaches and parents at competition​
  • Go over what makes for a winning Competition Team​