Last Updated – 1/30/2016

Semi-Finals Decision blinking_new_arrow

The semi-finals competition will not be necessary this year.  All teams will compete at State Finals on April 2nd.

TEAMS:  Must have a Judge and Volunteer by Feb 1st

Judge and Volunteer deadline extended to Feb 1!!!

Teams are required to register a Judge and Volunteer in order to compete in the tournament.  Registration can be completed by the judge, volunteer or the coach. The membership, problem, and division numbers are required to register properly!

Not sure if your Judge or Volunteer has registered?
Check Here!! Problems email

Spontaneous – Practice Practice Practice

Tip number 26: Every meeting should contain a practice spontaneous problem!!! Teams can find spon tips and sample problems on CTOM’s spontaneous resources page. Also check out Dave’s Spontaneous tips!

CTOM Policy Guide for coaches

Coaches should take a few minutes to review the CTOM policy guide to prepare for this year. Please direct any questions to the Association Director.

Woo-Hoo – Sample verbal spontaneous problem

The new verbal spontaneous rule changes have been all the talk. It is important to remind teams that not all verbal problems will have these changes. In any case teams should be ready and practice these changes. Coaches can find a sample problem on CTOM’s spontaneous resources page, provided by CCI.