Coaching Spontaneous Webinar

Coaches have requested more information on how to coach teams on spontaneous. We will provide this training via a web / audio conference.

If you are interested in attending this training on Dec 17 please register for future communications.

This training will cover (Draft Agenda):

  1. What is Spontaneous / type of Spontaneous problems
  2. Decomposing a Spontaneous problem
  3. The spontaneous process on competition day
  4. An inside look at how spontaneous scoring works
  5. Selecting which team members do which problems
  6. Assigning jobs
  7. Administering spontaneous problems at meetings
  8. Working spontaneous into solving the long term problem

Prior to this training coaches should review the Spontaneous Basics along with Dave’s Spontaneous Tips.

Please contact if you have questions.

Visit the registration page to register.