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Primary: Museum Makers
This page was last updated on 1/28/2019
Special instructions below:

Hello coaches.  In 7D of the Primary Problem, there is an option for the creative display to “be built completely out of balsa wood and glue. The balsa wood used must come from commercially-produced strips of balsa wood.”  The only requirement, if the team chooses to use this feature on the display, is to use strips of balsa wood and glue that can be bought in a store or online.  Depending on your team’s interest in a structure problem in the future, you could choose to use this problem as a practice to see how they enjoy it.  I have included below some of the rules that upper division teams need to follow when making a structure.  It also has some helpful hints on working with it.  Once again, Primary teams are not required to use the rules below.  This information is provided for your information so that you see what the upper divisions do.

Requirements for Non-Primary teams when building a structure:

Structure can only be made of balsa wood and glue.  Glue is only allowed to be used to connect pieces directly together.

Balsa wood can be purchased from or most hobby shops.  The wood must come from strips with a cross section of 1/8 x 1/8 that are at least 36 inches long.   Teams can cut the pieces shorter, but they must continue to have a 1/8 x 1/8 cross section for most of the length (small areas can be carved or sanded to form joints).

The wood must be used “as is” and cannot be strengthened in any way.  Use of water, hot air, and/or cold air are not considered strength-enhancing.

Glue must be commercially produced and have one of the following words on its label and/or packaging: glue, epoxy, cement, or adhesive.  More than one type of glue may be used.  Nothing can be added to or mixed with the glue – it must be used as purchased.

This is an example of what can be used to cut the wood: (link)  The blades are not sharp, so should be fine for primary kids if used properly with adult supervision.

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the Tournament Overview page! Please read.

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