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This page is for Primary teams only
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This page was last updated on 3/9/2018
Special instructions below:

  1. Check in for both long term and spontaneous for primary will be at the prop drop room in Adanti – Room 326.  Do not go to the assigned spontaneous room when it is your time.  You will be sent back to room 326 to check in and receive special instructions regarding spontaneous there.
  2. Please do not leave props unattended in the prop room.  Even though we will have CTOM personnel in and around the room for most of the day, we will not be watching your props.  Props have been known to disappear by accident when not watched.  We cannot be responsible for them.  In addition, prop drop will be in a small room.  We ask, if it is at all possible, that your teams props are returned to your vehicle after their performance to allow adequate room for all teams to use the prop drop room.  Thanks.
  3. The prop drop area outside is a very small parking lot.  See the map link located on the State Tournament Page.  It is very important that no cars remain parked in this area.  There will be a volunteer posted in the lot to keep traffic moving.  Please be ready to leave someone in the building to watch or move the props while the driver leaves the lot to find permanent parking.  Once again, NO CARS ARE ALLOWED TO BE IN THE LOT WITHOUT A DRIVER IN THE VEHICLE.

Thank you all for your cooperation in making this tournament an awesome experience for all teams and an enjoyable one for all judges and visitors who get the privilege of watching the creative performances!

Special parking instructions:  This year parking for each problem has mandatory locations.  The parking instructions will ensure that traffic is minimized and you have a smooth prop-drop experience . In addition please notify any team spectators of the correct parking locations.

Prop drop – driveway in front of Adanti Student Center (GPS 345 Fitch St.)
Audience entrance – main entrance to Adanti from Academic Quad
Parking – Lot 10 (GPS 324 Fitch St.), limited spaces at Prop Drop driveway (GPS 345 Fitch St.)

Here is a parking, drop-off summary sheet.
Here is a Campus map with key locations.

State Tournament Information: This document is not intended to replace the State Tournament Information page! Please read.

CHECK BACK: Keep an eye on this page up until the day before competition- it will be update with any important communications for your team related to the primary problem.