Tournament Overview

Welcome to the 41st Annual Connecticut Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament!

Tournament Information

**Note:  All the information below is for the 2020 program year, and is here for reference.  As plans for 2022 firm up, these pages will be updated.

All the information you need to plan your tournament day can be found here.

Awards Ceremony
Chaperone Policy
Competition Locations
Competition Schedule
Dance Party
Directions & Parking
Food on Campus
General Information
Getting Your Scores
Merchandise Sales
Participation Certificate
Problem Specific Information
SCSU STEM Festival
Tournament Contingency Plan
World Finals Information

The CTOM Board of Directors, Problem Captains and judging teams are excited to have the chance to witness the results of what you have created, brainstormed, practiced, tested, designed and redesigned, built and rebuilt!

We welcome your comments on your team’s experience at tournament and at all of our training activities. Please let us know what went right as well as what went wrong and your suggestions on how to improve our program.  A survey will be sent to all coaches after tournament.

Thanks to each of you for participating in this incredible program! Enjoy your day at the 40th Annual Connecticut State Tournament.

Mimi Owen, President and Association Director
Phone: 500-CTOM  – Area Code: 570